Last updates for registered participants

We are already looking forward to welcoming you at New York University this week. Here are a few notes for registered participants to help you prepare for and navigate the conference:

  • Access to the building: You will need an ID to enter the Law School buildings. For directions, please see the logistics page.
  • Capacity: The response has been so enthusiastic that we had to maintain a waiting list. The capacity of the two main venues should be sufficient, but we have secured an overflow room with a live video stream in case it gets too crowded.
  • Discussion papers: The speaker contributions are now available on the website. Please note that these are draft papers, which should only be shared as indicated by each author.
  • Program: You can always find the latest version of the program on our website.
  • Twitter hashtag: For the Twitter users among you, please use the conference hashtag #govalgo.

See you on Thursday!

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